The Morning HOG Brew Review welcomes Island Fest 6!

Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG & Josh from S.R. Perrott welcomed in today D & Mike for the 6th Annual Island Fest in Palm Coast tomorrow from 12pm-9pm. Josh brought with him an array of different Heineken beers as well as some Red Stripe. First up is Heineken Silver. At only 3.2 carbs & 95 calories, Heineken Silver is a crisp & refreshing lager without any bitter endings. They brew it at 4.0% ABV with only premium ingredients: malted barley, water, & hops. Next up was Heineken Light. With just 90 calories & 6 carbs, Heineken Light is brewed with Cascade hops & their signature Heineken A-Yeast for the crisp, refreshing flavor, subtle bitterness, & clean finish.

Everyone took a quick 5 minute recess & when we returned, we jumped right into the original, Heineken! For over 150 years, a ceaseless commitment to premium taste & quality have made Heineken the most iconic beer brand in the world. When you see the red-star on the green bottle, you know every ice-cold, crisp sip will deliver that richly satisfying flavor with subtle fruity notes. A tradition of taste that has lived on for over a century & a half thanks to the simplicity & quality of the ingredients & the meticulous attention to the brewing process. And lastly, we turned the corner & found the most Jamaican beer in the world, Red Stripe! Red Stripe is a refreshing lager beer. It’s the beer in the little stubby bottle, from an island with big spirit. A full bodied, crisp lager beer, with a smooth post-palate sensation. With 12 carbs & 4.7% ABV, this is a full bodied, crisp lager beer, with a smooth post-palate sensation. We appreciate you tuning in this week for a slightly different Brew Review featuring D & Mike from the 6th Annual Island Fest. If you’d like to find out where you can snag any of these tasty S.R. Perrott items, click on the link here to find your nearest dealer. Until next week folks….Cheers!