The Cure for Sweaty B—s and B—s During a Heatwave

From setting sprays to chafing balm, there is more than one way to handle a heatwave — but in the scorching hot dog days of summer you may need a little more help. Enter strategically placed freezer packs for your privates.

For the ladies, may we recommend the Cool58® Bra Coolers. A pair of cooing cutlets that work like any freezer pack to keep the girls a moderate 58 perfect degrees. And, seriously, with a name that bad they must be unbelievably amazing.

For the gentlemen, may we direct you to Snowballs Underwear featuring their “scientifically-backed cooling underwear” with ice packs dubbed “SnowWedges” that sit over the family jewels and keep everything cooler for about 30 minutes.

We’ll leave it to you to decide whether they’re worth it — but anything seems to be worth a shot in this weather.