The Brew Review + TBBC + Sam Adams + Dogfish Head = YAY!!

The Morning HOG featuring Riggs & Steve welcomed in Josh from S.R. Perrott per usual. On todays episode, the boys jumped into a real thriller with one from TBBC called Coral Head. This IPA hits heavy w/ notes of stone fruit, passion fruit, & papaya w/ a big citrus twist. The finish is lingering, mouth coating, & sturdy enough to handle the hop load allowing you to enjoy unfolding layers of tropical fruit. Next up, we’re switching gears to a Sam Adams Epic Squeeze variety pack. With all 4 coming in at an easy-going 4.6% ABV, there’s a flavor for every palate. Citrus has bursts of orange citrus from real fruit juice that give this beer epic explosions of flavor. Too dramatic? It’s called epic for a reason.

Then you have Mango; a light & crisp but refreshingly epic punch to the taste buds w/ real mango fruit juice perfect for sharing…or not! After that is Tropical; a refreshing, incredibly easy-to-drink beer w/ waves of epic tropical flavors like pineapple, orange, & guava from real fruit juice. Batting clean-up is Berry w/ real blueberry & raspberry fruit juice (even a little strawberry) for a light & refreshing beer that’s great anywhere. And last but not least, we’ve got Dogfish Head w/ a unique one called Citrus Squall…the perfect storm of a golden ale & a paloma cocktail brewed w/ grapefruit juice, blue agave nectar, lime peels, & a touch of sea salt. That’s it for this weeks Brew Review. If you wanna pick some of these up for yourself & join us on this flavor excursion, click here for the nearest S.R. Perrott dealer. Until next Friday folks, enjoy & drink responsibly!