That’s a LOYAL dog

Stray dog
Photo by Amruth Pillai on Unsplash

There’s a dog in Thailand that has to be the most LOYAL dog in the world!

His name is Bong Bong and he has been sitting in the same spot on the side of the road where he lost his owner FOUR years ago. Bong Bong jumped out of his owners truck at that spot and has been seen by locals just sitting there patiently until mom or dad comes back.

One local named Saowaluck Pinnuvech  kept seeing him daily and decided to take him to the Vet to get checked out since he was skinny and has lesions. So she adopted Bong Bong and to her surprise, she came home and couldn’t find the dog. So she went back to the spot where he had been sitting for FOUR years. She decided to just leave him there and come feed him every day.

Saowaluck put a video up online along with the story and the REAL owner came forward named Noi Sittisarn , but bong bong didn’t want to go home with his original owner ( maybe he needed time to adjust to his feelings ) but was excited to see her. So Noi said she thought that since  Saowaluck took care of Bong Bong that well and for so long that she deserves to keep him.