Monkeys Escape Lab with COVID-19 Blood Samples

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Not to alarm anyone… but it appears that we are now in the opening scene of 28 Days Later. Monkeys escaped with COVID-19 test samples in real life in India.

The monkeys attacked a lab assistant before escaping with COVID-19 blood test samples in Dehli, India. According to Times of India, one monkey was even seen in a tree chewing on the sample collection kit.

MSN has an update from Meerut medical college superintendent, Dheeraj Raj saying the undamaged kits were later recovered, “They were still intact and we don’t think there is any risk of contamination or spread.”

So here we are, possibly in the beginning of a 2002 post-apocalyptic zombie film in which freed chimpanzees infected with a virus spread it throughout the United Kingdom called 28-Days Later.

Do you happen to know if it ends better than Contagion or Planet of the Apes?