Man Gets So Drunk He Changes Name to Celine Dion

(shutterstock / pixabay)

Ever wondered if watching YouTube drunk can be dangerous? Here’s your answer.

A 30-year-old man, formally known as Thomas Dodd, had a little too much to drink on Christmas Eve, and according to the Metro legally changed his name to Celine Dion.

The newly appointed Dion said, “I can’t really remember the night and forgot all about it the next day. I remember watching the Celine Dion concert of her performing in Vegas (on YouTube) and that is about all I can remember. I wish I knew what happened but it was a hazy night.”

Then last week, he received papers certifying his name change from Thomas Dodd to Celine Dion and keeping it must be easier than changing it back because he says he’s planning to keep the new name quote, “depending on how difficult it makes my life.” 

Check out the paperwork here.