Its Time For the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout Limited Release… And Other Craft Beer You’ll Be Scared to Drink

Image via Wynkoop Brewing Instagram

Here’s what I know. 1. You gotta have balls to chug this stout, 2. Craft beer makers need to stop.

Earlier this week the beer community was losing its collective mind over the Lucky Charms-themed IPA and now the same community is celebrating their yearly limited release of testicle-flavored brew. Yep. Colorado-based Wynkoop and Iceland’s Stedji have both created their own beer from balls.  If you are like me you are wondering, “who in the hell is drinking this?” Remember, there are people who enjoy Clamato Cheladas.

Icelandic brewery, Stedji, has also been brewing out their own unique family recipe of all-natural, sugar-free, Hvalur, since 2012. If you happen to be eating here is the part where you consciously decide whether to put down the food or read the rest of this later.

Okay,  you’ve been warned: Each batch of Hvalur is created with one 15 to 18 pound whale testicle and smoked in sheep excrement.

Still with us? Awesome!

Here’s video from from Wynkoop Brewing in Colorado highlighting their Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. Their ballsy brew is made with roasted barley, seven specialty grains, “steerian” golden hops, and yes, roasted bull testicles. On tap now. 7.2% ABV. #HaveABall


[h/t travelandleisure]