Hidden Treasure Worth Over $1 Million Dollars Found


Ten years ago, an art dealer from New Mexico decided to hide a treasure chest filled with rare gold coins, nuggets and other treasures. He put clues in his autobiography as to where it could be found and a decade later, someone just sent him a picture of his treasure.

Author and art dealer Forrest Fenn put at least $1 million worth of gold, jewelry, and other valuable items in a treasure chest over a decade ago and and hid it somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. He included clues on it could be found in his autobiography, called “The Thrill of the Chase”.

He originally created the treasure hunt as a form of legacy after being diagnosed in 1989 with terminal cancer, however he managed to survive. According to the New York Post, he hoped to tempt people to venture into the wild and give them an old-fashioned adventure for riches.

On Sunday Fenn announced that, “the search is over.” A person who did not want to be identified from “back East” figured out the clues from a 24-line poem in Fenn’s book and confirmed the find with a photograph.

Thousands of people have tried to find the treasure over the years, at least two died trying to find it and other had to be rescued during the search.