Is Heavy Metal The Most Distracting Music To Drive To?

Most people will probably admit to listening to some form of music while they drive. I’m included in that, generally, I’ll keep 95.7 the Hog on, but I’m biased. However, when I’m not listening to our DJs rock the airwaves, I’m mostly listening to heavy metal…in all it’s forms. I don’t discriminate.

According to a new study, that may be bad for me. It found that when you’re listening to heavy metal as your driving, it could cause your reaction time to be significantly slower than other types of music, like pop or hip-hop.

Funnily enough, they found that listening to classical music could also be an issue. That apparently relaxes you too much, and also reduces reaction times.

I feel like this may need more research though. They’re going to tell me that screaming at the top of my lungs and banging my head along to the music is a distraction?

Maybe they have a point…

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