Georgia Woman Gets Gun Happy Over Cold Fries

Evan-Amos [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I don’t eat fast food much – somehow my order is always wrong, and I feel like there is a higher likelihood of running into people like this…

Lillian Shantel Tarver was in a McDonald’s outside Savannah on Tuesday and received some cold fries in her order. So the 27-year-old did what any sane person would, asked for a refund…with a gun in her hand.

An employee went to get her an order of fries, but the manager decided to open the register and told Tarver to take what she wanted. Allegedly, Tarver grabbed a handful of cash, then fired a shot into the kitchen floor and fled the scene.

Police were able to catch up with her a short time later was charged with multiple felonies, including armed robbery, aggravated assault, fleeing police, firearms possession, and a host of other charges.

Stories like this will not get me back in any fast food joint any quicker.

Source:: The Smoking Gun