Florida Mom Sparks Debate After Daughter Holds Sign at Intersection: I Lied. I Humiliated Myself & My Mother

Screenshot via Facebook @Ashley Atty
A Florida mom has people applauding, and questioning, her parenting skills after she had her teenage daughter stand near a busy intersection holding a large sign that read: “I lied. I humiliated myself & my mother.”

Passersby saw the mother and daughter in the median of Veterans Parkway and Santa Barbara Boulevard in Cape Coral on Saturday afternoon and didn’t hesitate to take to social media to voice their opinion. “On our way home we witnessed parenting at its finest,” Ashley Atty posted on Facebook with a video, while another thought the tough love punishment was too “dangerous”. Eventually someone even called Cape Coral police and officers came to and assessed the situation, noting the mother had water nearby and no one was hurt.

On our way home we witnessed parenting at its finest 😂👏🏼 “I lied. I humiliated myself & my mother”😭😂😂😂 #lieagainlilgirl #mamadontplay*Update – I’m being interviewed by NBC2 over this* 😂😂😂😂

Posted by Ashley Domonique Atty on Saturday, June 1, 2019