Ex-Felon Shoots Up Neighbor’s House Over $10

Wyatt Cunningham
(Flagler County Sheriff’s Office)

Bunnell, FL – Deputies say an argument over $10 escalates to an ex-felon shooting at his neighbor’s house.

The incident originally took place back on July 2nd of this year. On that day, deputies were called to a home off of Dunson Estates Road with reports of a weapons complaint. There they met the victim who says he had just been in an argument with his neighbor, 62-year-old Wyatt Cunningham, and minutes later heard gunshots outside his home.

When he went outside to inspect the noticed fresh bullet holes in his front door.

Deputies arrived and inspected the area, observing three bullet holes in the victim’s front door. Further inspection found multiple bullet fragments inside the victim’s home and one single bullet that had traveled from the victim’s house to a neighboring property.

After meeting with the victim, detectives met up with Cunningham outside of his Dunson Estates home. He told investigators that he did have an argument with the victim over being owed $10, but he did not have anything to do with the gunshots.

Cunningham then invited the detectives to come inside his home and look around. While inside, detectives discovered a yellow metal gun cabinet containing a large rifle and ammunition.

A search of Cunningham’s criminal history revealed that he is a convicted felon, making possession of a firearm illegal. Cunningham was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, which carried a $5,000 bond.

Since then, investigators collected additional evidence to prove the bullet fragments recovered at the victim’s home and the other property came from Cunningham’s rifle. Just yesterday (November 7th), they secured a warrant for Cunningham.

Cunningham was arrested again and transported to Flagler County Jail. He remains in custody, charged with two counts of shooting into a building. He’s held without bond.

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