Drinking Beer Is Healthy?!

I never really thought about drinking beer for health benefits. Mostly it’s just tasty and a real good way to lower my inhibitions, which makes me much more fun, really.

But apparently, beer may actually be good FOR you.

It could help you reduce kidney stones. If that’s something you suffer from, one beer a day could help reduce the risk by 41%.

Drinking beer may also help after having a heart attack. And this one comes from Harvard researchers – men who have two drinks a day are 42% less likely to die from heart disease.

A study out of the University of Texas also found that drinking beer can increase bone density. Drink beer, prevent breaks!

It may also help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. More research is still needed, but the University of Madrid found that drinking beer limits the amount of aluminum damage to the brain. That’s good because aluminum is supposedly a big factor in Alzheimer’s.

And probably my favorite healthy reason for drinking beer – beer hydrates better than water after a workout! And also helps replenish some lost carbs. But I’m stuck on the beer hydrates better than water part. It may be one of the reasons it tastes extra good when we hit Celly’s Sports Pub at Daytona Ice Arena after hockey practice…

Alright, new excuse…I’m drinking for my health!


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