Conor McGregor Accused of Sexual Assault in Ireland

Image by Andrius Petrucenia via Flickr

Multiple sources are reporting that UFC star Conor McGregor, who tweeted his retirement announcement unexpectedly last night, is under investigation in Ireland for sexual assault.

McGregor is accused of assaulting a woman at the Beacon Hotel in Dublin in December and was arrested the following month and released after questioning. Reportedly he is no stranger to the Beacon Hotel and normally books the penthouse for his stays. His most recent stay was in December the night before the alleged assault took place.

He has not been charged with a crime, a formal charge does not necessarily follow an arrest in Ireland and much of Europe. However, police say they have recovered evidence from the room McGregor stayed in as well as security camera footage.  The incident been reported by Irish media, but McGregor was not named because of strict laws against identifying people charged with rape unless they are convicted.

McGregor, is one of MMA’s most recognizable faces and crossed over to boxing for a one-off fight against Floyd Mayweather in in August of 2017. His appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” had fans believing McGregor was expected to return to the octagon soon after serving a six-month suspension instead of tweeting a surprise retirement announcement.

He recently completed community service in Brooklyn for throwing a hand truck at a bus full of fighters at the Barclays Center last year and is currently facing a civil suit in Florida for allegedly smashing a man’s phone for trying to take a picture outside a Miami Beach hotel.


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