Couple Tries To Sell Stolen Comics Back To Guy They Stole Them From

Photo by Lena Rose on Unsplash

If you’re going to break into storage units, maybe do some research before you start selling the items inside.

A St. Louis couple recently broke the lock off a storage unit and lifted about 3,000 comics from inside. The collection belonged to Martin Casas, who owns a comic book shop/bar called Apotheosis Comics & Lounge. Needless to say, Casas was devastated, especially since he was holding onto those comics more for their sentimental value. He had put the comics into storage while getting some renovations done on his home.

Casas alerted the staff at his shop of the theft and told them to let him know if anyone called inquiring to sell a large comic collection. And it didn’t take long. Within a few days a woman called saying she had recently come into a large collection of comics that she wanted to sell. Casas told her to come in with the comics so he could evaluate them, so she dropped the box off at the store.

Casas recognized his handwriting on the box. And immediately called the police. He set up a time for the woman to come back to the store and police were on site when she did. Her boyfriend was waiting out in the car, and cops were able to arrest them both.

Apparently the cops found a whole bunch of items that were related to other storage unit thefts. As of now, it is unclear what charges they will be facing.

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