Burglars Rob Marijuana Dispensary at 4:20AM

Original uncropped image from Laurie Avocado / CC BY

The only thing that would have made this a more stereotypical stoner crime would be if they had his the place on April 20th.

Cops in Clearwater are currently investigating the robbery of a Trulieve location that happened on Friday. Two men wearing dark clothes and masks broke into the medical marijuana treatment center at 4:20AM (of course they did!), and were out by 4:25.

In their haste to flee, they dropped a several containers, leaving a mess behind them. They had an accomplice waiting for them outside in a black Camaro, who sped off as soon as they were in the car.

Police have yet to release what was stolen or the value of the items and are currently searching for the suspects.

Source:: The Smoking Gun