Bradenton Man Smacks Mechanic In Head With Golf Club

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

I feel like this guy wasted a perfectly good golf club.

56-year-old Ronnie Cardenas was having his truck worked on at his home in Bradenton. Apparently the mechanic had been there for several hours, which made Cardenas irate. He came out and started berating the mechanic for taking too long.

At that point, the mechanic began packing up his tools and told Cardenas he could do the repairs himself. While that was happening, Cardenas went back into his house a retrieved a golf club. The mechanic continued packing his tools because he didn’t think Cardenas was going to do anything to him, however when he started walking away, “he felt a heavy impact and hot pain at the base of his head.”

When he turned around, he noticed Cardenas holding a now broken golf club in his hands, so he called the police. Cops arrived and noticed the mechanic“stumbling in the roadway with blood running down his arms and neck.”

The mechanic ended up needing stitches and further medical attention.

Cardenas admitted to the attack and was arrested.

Source:: Bradenton Herald