And now…The Morning HOG Brew Review!!

Josh from S.R. Perrott stopped by The Morning HOG studio today. He joined Riggs & Steve for another exciting adventure of The Brew Review. Only this time, Josh brought a flavorful palette of IPA’s from multiple breweries. They kicked it off with a couple from Abita with the first one being Barney. That one is a mix of 2 Abita faves, Purple Haze & Andygator. The second one from Abita is their Bubblegum Juicy IPA. Bubblegum is a super balanced hazy clocking in at 7% ABV. Thirdly, they tapped into a new one from Sierra Nevada called Liquid Hoppiness. That one is a fruity concoction of pineapple, grapefruit, orange, & fresh berries. And last but definitely not least is another new one stemming from the Athens-based company; Terrapin. This bad boy is called Morning Haze; an imperial hazy cruising in at 8.8% ABV!! If you would like to find these & any other delicious drinks from S.R. Perrott, click the link right here. Enjoy responsibly my friends….CHEERS!!