Airbnb Guest Promised A Friendly Ghost, Got A Mean One, So They Complained

Lionel Allorge [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve never used Airbnb myself, but I’ve heard the rooms may not always be as they are advertised. This complaint, however, is a little extra strange.

Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb recently shared the weirdest complaint he ever received, and it involves a supposedly friendly ghost. The ghost’s name is named Stanley, by the way.

So Chesky gets a call one day from somebody saying they were disappointed with their Airbnb experience,  and they want a full refund. The reason cited was a ghost in the house. After a little research, Chesky tells them that the ghost is listed in the ad, so he’s not sure why they are requesting a refund.

Apparently the customer knew Stanley was there, which is why they booked it. That wasn’t the problem. No, the problem was with Stanley’s demeanor. The ad said that Stanley was friendly, but the customer insisted that Stanley harassed them all night.

We’re not sure whether or not they received their refund, but Chesky did say, “There is no playbook for this stuff.” He also said he’s received a lot of strange complaints, but this one topped the list.

Source:: New York Post