7-Year-Old Swallows An AirPod

— aconcagua [CC BY-SA]

Seems like a good reminder to keep an eye on children who are playing with small objects.

Kiara Stroud bought her 7-year-old son a phone and AirPods for Christmas, but she never expected one of the AirPods to end up in his stomach. Apparently the boy was holding one of the wireless earbuds in his mouth by the long part when he swallowed it.

Stroud rushed him to the emergency room at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egelston where he was X-rayed. It showed the AirPod was still in his stomach, just below the ribcage. The doctor examining him was actually confused by what an AirPod is, so Stroud explained that it was a wireless headset.

The boy was understandably worried about how it was going to come out, but the doctors reassured him that it would pass through his body naturally. He then worried that since the AirPod was connected to his phone when he swallowed it that he stomach would begin playing music if he go too close to the phone.

The good news is, Stroud says she’ll be sticking with wireless headsets until her son is a little older. Kiara shared the story on Facebook to alert parents of what could happen.

Check out the X-ray below.

I can’t make this up. My child, my child. Thanks for all of the prayers. We’re home. No more airpods for this kid 🤦🏾‍♀️

Posted by Kiara Stroud on Saturday, December 28, 2019

Source:: WSB-TV