Wakanda Made The List Of US Free Trade Agreement Partners

Cc330162 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If you are a fan of comic books or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you might know that Wakanda is the fictional nation in Africa where Black Panther is from. Yet, somehow, they made a recent list of Free Trade Agreement Partners of the United States.

This blunder was caught by Twitter user, Francis Tseng, on the United States Department of Agriculture’s website. It appeared as a dropdown option on their agricultural tariff tracker.

Once they realized their mistake, they tweeted, “While we removed the Kingdom of Wakanda from our list of US free trade partners, our relationship will always be strong #WakandaForever.”

According to a statement by the USDA, test files are used to make sure their systems are running properly. Wakanda was one of those test files and was supposed to have been removed when testing was complete. They have since corrected the error.

Would have been cool to get our hands on some sweet Vibranium though.

Source:: NY Daily News