New Zealand Man Threatens To Kill Friend Over Flat-Earth Bet

Trekky0623 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This is basically proof that you should never argue with stupid.

36-year-old Jamie Sutherland and Louie Lanz have been friends since elementary school, but that still didn’t stop one from threatening to kill the other.

It all started during a dinner the two had, where Lanz kept trying to convince Sutherland that the Earth was flat. Obviously, Sutherland wasn’t buying into it. Finally Lanz bet Sutherland $10,000 that he was right. Sutherland took him up on the bet, and immediately demanded payment. The problem is, Lanz has completely bought into all the conspiracy theories that the Earth is, in fact, flat, and refused to pay up.

Well fast-forward a couple months, the two ran into each other at a gas station, and Sutherland, once again, demanded that Lanz pay up. Again, Lanz refused. This time, Sutherland told him he’d kill him and his father with a crossbow and make sure they were never seen again.

Not surprisingly, Lanz called the cops, and the pair of men have been dealing with this since February. The case was finally taken to court earlier this week and a judge decided to dismiss all charges and made the two men agree that neither of them has to pay up on this ridiculous bet.

For what it’s worth, there’s pretty solid proof that the Earth is round.

Source:: Otago Daily Times