Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast Is the Body Wash You Didn’t Know You Wanted for Christmas

Prepare yourself for the thrill of excitement when I tell you that there really is a Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast… and now allow the unabashed disappointment to settle in when I tell you that it was only gift to a small number of people, and you probably weren’t one of them.

Neither was I though, so take console that I too, will not be smelling of citrus, sugar and sunshine.

If you remember hearing about something like this two years ago, it was Reddit user u/Woopdeedo who posted a photoshopped picture of “MTN Dew Bodywash Blast” that started the hype. It got the attention of someone who matters up the Mountain Dew food chain and here we are two years later and 250 people have received the real life version in the mail. Maybe if we hope hard enough (and give Mountain Dew enough attention on social media) they will make it available to the rest of us.