Man Charged With Lewd Behavior In Front Of Boy Scout Troop

Holly Hill, FL – Holly Hill Police say that 58-year-old Johnathan Williams presented lewd and lascivious behavior in front of a Boy Scout Troop collecting donations in front of the Ace Hardware store on Ridgewood Avenue this past Saturday (November 2).

The Troop leader told officers that they were set up to the north of the front doors with a direct view of the front parking spaces. They saw a man, later identified as Williams, come out of the store and get into the driver’s side of a blue Kia SUV parked directly in front of the doors.

Williams sat in the SUV and stared at them for about ten minutes, according to the Troop leader. He said Williams waved him over to the car. When he approached, he could see the man’s penis and testicles outside of his pants. The Troop leader said that Williams handed him a $1 bill. He accepted the dollar and quickly stepped away from the SUV.

Security surveillance video corroborated the witness statement and also showed Williams masturbating, then leaving the parking lot in the Kia SUV, which actually belongs to a church attended by Williams. A check of License Plate Readers in the area showed that the license plate was registered to the church.

Officers went to the church and a staff member identified the driver as Johnathan Williams and that Williams is allowed to drive that van. The staff member also gave the officers Williams’s phone number.

Willams agreed to meet with officers yesterday (November 4) afternoon. Officers showed Williams the surveillance footage from when he entered the store. He agreed that the person in the video was himself. At that point, officers informed him that they had more questions and read him his Miranda Warnings.

Officers asked Williams about what he did after making his purchases. Williams told them he got in the Kia but it would not start so he sat there for a bit, waiting to try again. Officers then told Williams that the surveillance footage showed the inside of his vehicle and also showed him masturbating. At first, Williams said he was trying to scratch an itch.

One investigator left the room. When the other one entered, Williams admitted to masturbating and motioning for one of the Troop to come over to his vehicle while his genitals were exposed. He admitted that he “fell off the wagon” and that he got sexually excited and stimulated from watching the Boy Scout leader and his troop.

Previous to his arrest, Williams was already on Sex Offender probation and was wearing an attached ankle monitor for a previous Lewd and Lascivious assault of a minor under 16 years of age. One of the conditions of his probation is to not have unsupervised contact with a minor, which was violated. Williams is being held on no bond due to the probation violation. He’s also charged with Lewd and Lascivious Exhibition.

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