Hialeah Gardens Man Sees “Demons” Goes On Sledgehammer Rampage

Shakespeare at English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA

Taking unknown drugs while on an alcohol bender is never a good option. And can apparently lead to an increase directives from demons as one Hialeah man found out.

On Sunday around 2:30 pm, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office received multiple phone calls about a man causing a lot of damage in Little Torch Key.

When cops arrived on the scene, they found 32-year-old Rafael Suarez Gomez wandering the streets, carrying a sledgehammer. And after canvassing the neighborhood, it was discovered that the amount of damage he did was extensive.

Several homes and businesses took damage to windows and doors. A bunch of vehicles in the area took damage from Gomez’s sledgehammer as well.

When questioned by deputies, Gomez said that he had been drinking and someone had handed him an unknown drug, which he took. Shortly after ingesting the narcotic, he began to see “demons,” who told him to damage the property. Gomez said that he was attempting to kill the demons with his sledgehammer.

Luckily, no serious injuries were reported. Gomez was arrested and multiple property damages charges, as well as resisting arrest, since he had to be brought down with a taser.

Source:: CBS4 Miami