Florida Woman Bets Cop She Can Guess Her BAC

Tetraeder [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

From what I’ve heard about The Villages, this story seems about right.

62-year-old Mary Westerlund was pulled over on Monday night after reports of “a drunk female present at the fire station.” A sheriff’s deputy noted that she had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. And when she began to scream at him that she was not going to jail, he was able to detect the odor of alcohol on her breath.

After being driven to county lockup, she was asked to submit two breathalyzer tests. Before she did, however, she bet the police technician, who was issuing the tests, 25 cents that she could guess the over-under on her blood-alcohol levels. Her guess was a .190, which is way above the .08 legal limit. Westerlund was convicted of a DUI back in 2015, where she blew a .175, so it’s probably a safe bet that she felt more drunk than the previous arrest.

Well, the tech refused the bet, and her assumption was fairly off. She ended up blowing a .229 followed by a .210. She was charged with drunk driving and resisting arrest.

Florida Woman – keeping it classy!

Source:: The Smoking Gun