Florida Man Gives New Meaning To Catfishing

I always thought catfishing was when you used a fake identity online to try to trick a person, but maybe I’m totally wrong and this guy had it right.

42 year-old Kristian Dudley rode his bicycle, equipped red and blue flashing lights, to the victim’s home in Naples. He said he was with the FBI and ordered her to show him her ID to prove she was a legal immigrant. She declined and told him she was a US citizen and asked him to leave her property. When he refused, she had her husband call the police.

That eventually got him to vacate the property, but before he left, he dumped a bag of live catfish all over her driveway for no reason.

A deputy caught up with him down the road, based on the victim’s description. He was wearing a dark shirt and an FBI hat and the officer said he appeared heavily intoxicated.

He’s facing charges of Open Container in Public/Semi-Public Parking Area and a felony charge of Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer.

Where did he get the catfish? Was he fishing for them? If so, where’s the pole? Or did he go noodling?

How long was he riding around on his bicycle with a bag of catfish?

Had he originally planned on eating the catfish or was he carrying them around specifically to dump on someone’s property?

Did he get the red and blue lights for his bike before or after the FBI hat? Did one purchase inspire the other?

Why are the important questions never answered?

Source:: WINK