Early A.M. Scare At DBIA Proves To Be False Alarm

Daytona Beach, FL – Operations are back to normal today at Daytona Beach International Airport after the Volusia Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad gives the all-clear. Sheriff Mike Chitwood says that the squad was dispatched to the airport early Tuesday morning after members of the Transportation Security Administration found a suspicious item in a checked bag.

DBIA was evacuated at around 6:15 a.m. as a safety precaution, according to Chitwood. He said TSA was on the ball and doing there job and that’s the most important thing. DBIA Public Information Officer Joanne Magley explained the procedure when something suspicious is found, “We have protocols in place. TSA, they do their job. They flag something. The Sheriff’s Office gets notified and then Airport Operations gets notified. From there, it’s just a tree of operations. Emergency Management goes into effect and we start our planning.”

Magley said luckily, this morning’s incident was a false alarm and anybody could pack something that shouldn’t be packed. “There are so many times that people just forget that something might be in their bag that should not go through, either in their carry-on or in a checked luggage. We recommend that people go to the TSA website, look under the prohibited items on what you can bring in your carry-on. What you can bring in your checked bag.”

With the holidays getting underway, checking the TSA website is a good idea. Magley said making sure that you don’t pack anything that could be considered suspicious can definitely make your travel go more smoothly.

This morning, only two flights were delayed, one from American Airlines and one from Delta Airlines

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