Australia Might Be The Florida Of The World

Nick carson at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We always see weird news out of Florida, but I feel like Australia may be the only place on Earth that can compete in terms of strangeness.

Like this Aussie who fended off a home intruder with a didgeridoo…in his underwear, no less.

Kym Abrook woke up to a disturbance in his home and noticed a burglar shuffling around the place. Rather than freeze up, Abrook grabbed his didgeridoo and chased the home intruder out the door and down the street, not even stopping to put on clothes.

While on chase, he managed to call the cops, who showed up with a police dog shortly after and apprehended the suspect, who was in possession of Abrook’s wallet and some other items.

The victim noted after the ordeal that he would have caught the suspect had cops not showed up, stating, “I noticed I run faster naked…Semi-naked anyway, so I might try that…”

Thank you for this gem, Australia!

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