Deland [Florida] Woman Arrested After Xbox Fight Leads to BB Gun Drive-by

Volusia County deputies say an argument on Xbox Live escalated into a very unique drive-by shooting.

According to the incident report, the victims were playing on Xbox Live with friends on October 30th, when 19-year-old Isabell Lewis and her boyfriend started shouting into the microphone about a $40 disagreement with them. Officials say Ms. Lewis made threats about “shooting up” the victims home. Staying true to her word, police say, Lewis did just that… with a bb gun.

According to police, around 11 p.m., residents on Lake Mamie Road in DeLand say they heard a loud bang from inside their home. Deputies believe Lewis drove past the victim’s house, shot a BB gun at their car and home, which shattered a glass door and damaged a vehicle.

Sheriff Chitwood said teens should think about the consequences before acting,

“You’re going to be held accountable,” he said. “Take a deep breath. You’re angry at something? Take a deep breath.”

Sheriff Chitwood is right, you do need to take a deep breath before you do something you’ll regret and end up featured on Quinn’s Afternoon Army.


[h/t fox35]