California Woman Commits The Most Millennial Crime In Florida

Lindsay Fox from Newport beach, United States [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I guess when you’re visiting Florida, one way to fit in is to start committing ridiculous crimes.

23-year-old Kate Lamothe is an Instagram model, who enjoys to travel. Well she was in Pinellas Park last Tuesday and decided to steal a Juul Vape Pen from an Exxon gas station. After swiping the $43 device, she ran out of the store to her getaway vehicle…a Lyft.

Her Lyft driver was none-too-keen on being involved in her shenanigans and kicked her out. So she proceeded to call for an Uber!

Cops arrived on-scene fairly quickly and found Lamothe in an Uber van in the next parking lot over and they arrested Lamothe for retail theft.

Instagram, vape pen, Lyft, Uber…this chick ticked all the millennial boxes for this crime!

Source:: The Smoking Gun